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Everyone's legacy is unique… including yours. That is why we at BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking are here to support you, providing professional and tailored support in the management and development of your legacy.

Whether it concerns real estate, movable assets, national or international, we will protect and grow your assets optimally and advise you on expert means of transferring them to the next generation.


Accordingly, our 'Global Patrimonial Approach of Private Banking' starts with 'listening'. Listening carefully to you, your personal vision, your plans and your strategy. Indeed, they are of crucial importance to us for the optimum management and structuring of your capital. Our private bankers will be pleased to tell you all about it – even if you are not yet our customer. In that case, I invite you herewith for a no-obligation introductory discussion. You can find our contact details by clicking on any one of the 38 private banking centres.

The provision of accurate, objective and current information takes top priority in our relations with our customers. To this end, our experts follow global economic and financial developments and send reports via our private bankers, via our monthly newsletter Invest News, the magazine Vision and, not least, via this new website.

This site groups all the information that is important, if not indispensable, to you as a Private Banking customer. For example, you will find information on the 5 pillars of our service provision:


· Wealth Structuring

· Investment

· Daily banking

· Insurance

· Lending

This site also provides us with a platform for giving you better and faster reporting on the views of our experts on the financial state of affairs. For example, the column “Strategy and Markets” will be a source of inspiration for countless investors. And the video analyses of our specialists are already very popular.



We hope that you will consult the information on this site frequently and take enthusiastic advantage of it. We would be grateful to hear your ideas on what you would like to see covered on this site. So don't hesitate to send us your suggestions via the column 'Your opinion counts'.


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general manager BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking


Frank De Keyser